ANZACT – the ANZ Alliance for Cardiovascular Trials Network

CRE-COI is leading the development of this network for clinicians, scientists, support staff and consumers with an active interest in cardiovascular trials and registries. Membership is currently free – visit the website to find out more.

ASPECT Collaboration

Aspect is the Asia Pacific Evaluation of Cardiovascular Therapies, which aims to provide a research platform to evaluate insights into the care, management and outcomes of coronary interventions across the Asia-Pacific region.

Heart Failure Prometheus Project

CRE-COI has supported the development of an IT platform (in association with Safer Care Victoria) to link the Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry for Heart Failure to capture patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). 


MINOCA is a clinical trial investigating a new treatment for those patients who experience debilitating chest pain after Myocardial Infarction with Non-Obstructed Coronary Arteries (MINOCA). CRE-COI provided leveraged funding to support a successful application for a Translational Grant led by Prof John Beltrame. This resulted in a unique collaboration between established clinical registries – CADOSA in South Australia and the SWEDEHEART registry in Sweden.

Research Impact Assessment

An independent researcher conducted interviews with the funding recipients of 14 seed grants, seven PhD scholarships and three collaborative projects to evaluate the impact of the CRE-COI using an impact matrix developed by Rivera et al (2017).

Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE)

SURE is a secure, remote-access data research laboratory purpose-built to protect confidentiality and privacy. It allows registered researchers to access and analyse linked health-related data from multiple sources such as hospitals, general practice and registries for approved studies. CRE-COI has supported researchers with access to cardiac registry data via SURE.  Some examples include:

• Dr Chee Yoong Foo, Monash University
Re-examining the door-to-balloon time-outcome relationship: an instrumental variable approach

• Dr Vikrant Dhurandhar, University of Sydney
30 day mortality and morbidity for mitral valve surgery in high risk patient groups

• Dr Richard Norman, Curtin University
The relationship between the EQ-5D and interventional outcomes for percutaneous intervention patients

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