Welcome to the research portal of the Centre of Clinical Research and Education – the CCRE. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all Australians through innovative clinical research and education.

Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trials group, in collaboration with our National and International partners, are at the forefront of public health research in Australia. To contact the Clinical Trials Centre call 1800 971 022.

Healthy Living Clinic

The Healthy Living Clinic offers health assessments to determine your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. It is also a great way to join our team of volunteers contributing to public health research. To contact the Health Living Clinic call 1800 971 022.

About the Group

The Curtin Centre for Clinical Research and Education (CCRE) was established in 2017 and is based within the School of Public Health in the Faculty of Health Science at Curtin University.


The Centre of Research Excellence in Cardiovascular Outcomes Improvement (CRE-COI) is a National initiative improving the quality of treatment of Australians suffering from cardiovascular disease. To contact the CRE-COI call 1800 971 022.

The CCRE is part of an NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence (CRE-COI) improving cardiovascular outcomes in the Australian population.

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