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Heart disease remains as the leading cause of death among Australians with an estimated 3.7 million affected by circulatory diseases, including 1 million people with cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

Certain conditions are associated with a greater risk of developing heart disease. These include:

  • Lifestyle factors – smoking, lack of physical activity, poor diet and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Life stage – menopause, age, family history of heart disease
  • Medical conditions – high blood pressure, high (bad) cholesterol, low (good) cholesterol, obesity, chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease and diabetes, undetected atrial fibrillation

An abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation means that the heart does not pump blood around your body as well as it should. Early detection and treatment of atrial fibrillation is important because it can cause blood clots that can block blood supply to your vital organs and lead to a stroke. This may also be a warning sign that you have heart disease.

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