Integrated combination therapy, electronic General Practice support tool, pharmacy led intervention and combination therapy evaluation.

INTEGRATE is an NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) funded study led by The George Institute for Global Health.  Integrate will evaluate a novel intervention aimed at improving overall cardiovascular health by increasing long term use of cardiovascular disease preventive medications in high risk individuals.

Curtin University is collaborating with The George Institute to recruit 70 General practices in Australia to potentially evaluate:

  1. HealthTracker – an electronic decision support and audit tool
  2. CVD ‘Polypills’ (fixed dose combinations including two blood pressure lowering drugs, a statin +/- aspirin) and
  3. A pharmacy Adherence Support Service (PASS) – to provide medication adherence and lifestyle change support

Eligible participants will be identified by participating general practitioners.

For further information please telephone 1800 971 022 or email

Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee has approved this study (HREC number HRE-2017-0157)

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